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System Consultation
In today’s technology, almost every company runs its operation differently. Moreover, software has become an important part of every company’s operation Consultation on having the right system in place and designing that system the right way has become a major factor when it comes to an IT company. USITPRO provides consultation on software, hardware, websites, online marketing including search engine optimization. There are two types of consultation: 
  • Consultation of a new system 
  • Consultation of an existing system ( system Evaluation)

Consultation of a new system:


There are different types of software that can be designed or can be purchased for a company. Architecture of the software is depended on the operation and the needs, for example, amount of data, number of location of the business and other factors depends on business type and operation affects the system in place.


Here is how it works:


The first step is to perform the system analysis of the organization’s operation. Analysis involved a detailed study of the current operation of organization.

For this purpose our consultants will be present onsite to perform interviews and the proper research (Depending on the size of the business time frames differ) with the staff to become familiar with the operation and the work flow of the business.

Once the analysis of the business is done, USITRO consultants will provide you a report containing the following information: 

  • Problems of the software, required modification needed based on the operation of the business and new areas that needs to be added to the system.

  • Options on buying pre made software on the market or designing customized software depending on the result of the analysis.

From that point there will be further consultation on using a web based application or a windows based application. In case of presence of an IT staff or department, USITPRO will prepare a report after the consultation is done, and will guide your staff to the right direction. Otherwise we will be happy to offer you our extensive services and products suitable for your business.

USITPRO provides consultation on different types of software:

  • Web based applications

  • Windows based applications

  • Inventory systems

  • Database

  • RFID software

  • Barcode software

Consultation of an existing system:

If the existing system or software of your business has problems and bugs, and such problems are interfering with your businesses’ every day operation, and because of the wrong architecture of your overall system you are not able to add a new sub system, then you have come to the right place.

Our main focus is to provide a detailed report of the bugs and problems of the system, system architecture, its compatibility with other existing applications or the new applications being added to the system.

Here is how it works:

The first step is to perform the adequate evaluation of that organization’s operation. Our consultants will be present onsite to perform interviews and the proper research with the staff to become familiar with the operation and the work flow of the business.

After that, an evaluation will be performed on current software architecture, design patterns and software implementation to uncover the bugs and problems. We will provide you or your IT staff a detailed report of the system. This report will contain two parts; one part of the report will indicate the compatibility of the overall software with your business. The second part is a detailed technical report, a laid out map of the system, its bugs and problems and the solution of the problem. The decision will be yours on either use our professional engineers and staff to resolve the issues.
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